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NEWS - zack 11/24/2004

The name above is no typo. That's correct, bitches Zack here, and I'm actually updating the site, that I'm sure some of you have forgotten I actually run. Oh, and I decided to exert my authority to change the layer color on the main, for no good resaon at all. The new title graphic is just to dispell the rumor that I actually know how to use a graphic editing program. Enough jibber-jabber, let's get to the actual update. I've got two updates for the Jesusified Fun Page in the form of a new Christian NES game review, The King of Kings as well as a new set of religious tract reviews. For you non-religious types I've also included one of those non-secular NES reviews. Click here for The Black Bass.

NEWS - mat 11/16/2004

With Thanksgiving coming up, we thought you loyal E-Boredom readers might want to feast on the greatest thing of all: more interviews! Fans of the stirring score to Men of Valor will want to browse our interview with composer Inon Zur while those more fascinated by the video game of Van Helsing's sound design will want to check out our interview with its sound designer, Bo Bennike.

NEWS - mat 10/24/2004

I've been on such a Wing Commander kick lately that I managed to snag an interview with Mark Minasi, author of Secrets of the Wing Commander Universe, a comprehensive hint guide to the first two Wing Commander games. We also have a new NES review up, this time on Dragon's Lair, an odd side-scrolling adaptation of the classic laserdisc arcade game.

NEWS - mat 10/15/2004

We've got a pair of interviews screaming your way, so why not try and give them a read? Fans of cult classic SNES game Out of this World will like our interview with its game designer, Eric Chahi. Anyone who has ever grappled with E.T. for the Atari 2600 will have to read the next interview with the man who designed it: Howard Scott Warshaw.

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